A Passionate Voice

I always have an opinion about something and what a great way to communicate that to more than my friends and family.  Blogging allows more thoughtful and inspiring communication.  That communication means that as a responsible blogger you are not just spouting off your own thoughts, but asking questions and allowing feedback.

If you consider yourself a writer then you write every day.  Any form of social media marketing requires daily attention.  Bloggers, may not be selling a product, but Jeffery Gitomer discusses the “value” in your connection. This is to attract people who will ultimately buy or buy in to what it is you are offering, be it a product or information. “Use it or Lose it”.  The concept of daily attention also helps in your development.  You want your readers and followers to be engaged and interested.  The interesting posts, blogs, etc. will become easier with frequency.  The more frequently you write, you will also receive responses about what your audience may be interested in and what they may want to learn from you.

Reading about something outside of my comfort zone challenged me.  One of the blogs I read was James Altucher- The Ultimate Guide for Becoming an Idea Machine, http://www.jamesaltucher.com/2014/05/the-ultimate-guide-for-becoming-an-idea-machine.  This was a dual exercise for me because his topic fit into our discussion and I satisfied my curiosity about reading something I knew nothing about and from someone I didn’t know.  Just like blogging without thinking too much about it, he suggests using the idea muscle in your brain as often as possible.  So writing down 10 ideas each day, any kind of idea, not necessarily for a business, but whatever comes into your mind.  He also reads 10% of a non-fiction book every day and this sparks ideas.  Not all of the ideas would be great or even good, but the exercise of using the brain ignites the idea machine and one day it may be beneficial.  I’ve often written about the idea muscle as part of what I call my “daily practice”. Every day I have to check the box on physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health.”

So again this goes back to the “use it or lose it” theory.  Daily practice is the key!  The other important concept for me was to be different, take risks or as Gitomer says “ STAND OUT OR DON’T’ BOTHER” (Social Boom, 45).  Create communication and ideas that:

  • Grab attention – to you, your product, and your passion.
  • Let your voice be heard.
  • Spark conversation- negative or positive, conversation is key.
  • Foster engagement and ACTION, this can be in the form of responses, reviews, more questions, solutions to a problem.
  • Create value.

James Altucher prompted me to create this blog called The Ten Spot.  Using his ideas of writing ten ideas each day, be it for business or personal – whatever comes into your mind and sparks an interest.  So for me that is event planning, concepts and ideas.

The Ten Spot is born.




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